10 de maio de 2017

Webinar: Catholic Musical Leadership, Creation and Composition

For students and teachers who create and present catholic music, mainly those who will attend the International Congress in Rio de Janeiro 2017. This session addresses the main subject: "how to create and present catholic music?"

1) musical calology;
2) challenges on composing new psalms and hymns for catholic mass: how to create new music within tradition?
3) what about Pope Benedict XVI wishes on studying sacred music?
4) commentaries and answers on works and messages sent in advance.

Date: Sunday, 11 June 2017.
Time: 3 pm (UTC-3).
Duration: 1 hour.
Transmission: registered members receive a private youtube link 30 minutes before starting the webinar.

Register: Free for members of the Pueri Cantores Federations. For non-members, there is a fee to be sent by paypal: registration link will be automatically available after you pay.

Register now for webinar (choose)

Send your compositions and suggestions as soon as you register, well before the webinar. The webinar is in English, but messages can be sent in French, Spanish and Hungarian as well.
Info and contact: Dr Paulinyi <Paulinyi@yahoo.com>

Dr Zoltan Paulinyi, founder and director of the Schola Cantorum Brasília (2012-). Doctor degree on musical composition (Univers. Évora, Portugal 2013), master degree on musicology (Univ. Brasília 2010). Violinist of the National Theatre Symphonic Orchestra in Brasília (Brazil, 2000-).

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